How to use the library


Library Staff

Ms Smith - Library Manager

Ms Law - Library Technician

Ms De Santis - Library Assistant

Library hours

The library is open:

8:15 am — 4:00 pm Monday to Friday

Sometimes the library will be closed after school for staff to attend meetings.

Using the library

  • Please look after the books you borrow or use in the library.
  • Return loaned items on time.
  • Please work quietly and don’t disturb others.
  • Only water is allowed in the library, no other drinks or food.
  • Classes must wait for their teacher outside the library.

Chess and Checkers

The library has chess and checkers sets for you to play before school, at recess, at lunchtime and after school.


You can borrow unlimited number of books.

How long you can borrow

  • Most books can be borrowed for 3 weeks
  • Class sets books can be borrowed overnight
  • VCE books can be borrowed on a weekly basis only


You can reserve a book at the borrowing desk or through the library catalogue.

You can only reserve a book if you have no overdue books.

You can only reserve two books at a time

Overdue items

If you have an overdue book you will not be able to borrow another book.

If your book is very overdue you will be charged for it and you will need to pay for it at the general office.

Lost or Damaged Books

If you have lost or damaged a book please come and speak to a member of the library staff. 

These items must be paid for at the general office before they can be removed from your library record.

Once you have paid for the book, please show your receipt to a library staff member so the lost or damaged book can be removed from your library record.

Book Recommendations

A suggestions book for book recommendations has been placed on the borrowing desk for you to recommend young adult books for the library to purchase. 

Printing Credit

The school will give $2 worth of printing credit at the start of each term. More printing credit can be purchased from the borrowing desk.  A library staff member will show you how to add it to your account.